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Does the job

It's fine--It does the job. Has middle C to one octave higher. HOWEVER, the ONE and ONLY extra function it has—the "sustain" option—is ALWAYS set to "on" and you can't turn it off—it just sets itself back to "on!" AND (luckily) the notes don't even sustain when the option's turned on. 😑

Great game!

I play this game all the time while I am on the toilet pooping! It brings me so much happiness!!! You should try it! 😝😝😝


Best mini piano ever! I would suggest getting it!

Well, I guess...

It's okay to me but I do agree; it might not be worth it. There are a whole bunch of keys missing and I'd consider it more like a keyboard than a piano. I actually play a REAL piano, and take lessons, so my advice is if you want to play a piano, than this might not be you're best choice. I would've rated it higher if there were more keys on it, but altogether it's okay...

Piece of Crap!!

You can't even go higher than the given few notes! 😠 Not happy. Not worth it.

Issues with the volume

The volume don't work I try everything please help!!

Needs iPhone 5 Support

Needs iPhone 5 support. Please update to fill iPhone 5's 4 inch screen. Will rate higher once completed. Thanks.

Not FREE - they charged me

Definitely not worth the buck they charged.

Simple is good

The best free piano app ever !

best thing ive done with my ipod

this app is one of the best and funnest things ive ever done with my ipod. its a simple quick opening app that lets you expiriment with the keys on the piano. its not trying to impress you with a bunch of stupid crap that only gets in your way. the most fun ive had is playing a song on my ipod and opening up this app and playing along with my favorite artists on a piano. i guess it could do with more keys but all in all the best thing ive done with my ipod.

Love it

Simple and good



The best you will find, I PROMISE.

Exactly what I needed, a piano that opens quickly, gives me an octave to work with, has excellent response to key presses, and even holds the key as long as you hold it. Seriously thought this would never exist, thank you so much!


It's good but it needs a couple more keys just for a little bit of help.


I really really enjoy this app I play all kinds of songs on it but for some reason it stopped making music please help I don't know what happened

Need more keys

I'm missing a key! I need one more key to play the song I want to play


This is amazing I would totally recommend this app ts soo much funn

Love it

It's such a useful tool. I was looking for a bare-bones piano app that doesn't try to wow me with a ton of garbage accessories that I'll never use. This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you Billy Maes

Simple. Fun. No adds.

I love it 

Stop complaining!!

This app. Is just for entertaining! So stop saying " Oh this key doesnt work" BIG WHOOP! This game was free! So just enjoy or go to a piano shop and buy one, problem solved, overall Awsome game!!!


It's fun to play but sometimes the keys get stuck (like a real piano). Also there should be more on the settings so you can change your view on the key board and play more songs.

Really helpful

This is a really helpful app. When I am away from my keyboard I can use this to figure out some basic stuff like pitches or small tunes. Thanks a lot! It's a lot of fun to play around on too!

Great deal!!!!!

I got what i wanted perfect mini piano to mess around with u can even slide ur fingers across the keyboard


It is crap. One key did not even work. It is ----. Don't buy it.

Not bad

I love it their just needs to be a few more octives so I can play need you now


Love this one! The keys are even bigger than my other music App!

Cool App

I like this app, i love music on this ...

Perfect for kids

Simple fun piano without ads an in-app purchases. My daugter loves it and I don't have to worry about her accidentally buying anything.

Not The Piano App 4 Us!!!!

VIRTUOSO (also free) is the only good piano App!!! With "MINI PIANO" you could only work with 8-9 keys unless I missed something... With "Virtuoso" you have the whole piano to work with thanks to the scroll bar that lets you access all the keys. You cant play a nice fluid arrangement with Viruoso, simply because you have to scroll around seeing as how there's only 13 keys on the screen (with iPhone/iPod Touch) but you have still access to all the keys!!!

:) piano

There's nothing wrong with this app. I go on it everyday. And for the ppl complaining that it is only half of the It said that in plain sight on the description. And plus the piano!!!! There's another app for the other side. But yes I would recommend getting this app and recommend making an app with the whole keyboard.


Love it........Just learned how to play Just Dance by Lady Gaga on it!


The most boring this EVER! 

Please make it wider and more keys.

Please make the piano much wider and add mire keys with different type of sounds.


Love this app! I've had it for a while--it's great for when I have a song in my head and know what key it's in, but I don't have perfect pitch... Of course that's not ALL I use it for. This is one of my favorite apps--seriously!!

Very useful

Great for pitch reference when no instruments handy. I'm amazed that it's polyphonic--if you can get your fingers to fit! Excellent app.

mini paino

This app is great! i leard how to play some cool songs with it

no more chords with OS4

With the new update, 3 finger chording is not possible, it rather zooms the screen....lame upgrade. Worked great on previous versions.


Its really awesome to spend some time.


Fun recomend to anyone


pro tip, dont pay for any piano app


This app is my favorite app on my iPhone! It's the first app I ever downloaded! I just wish this app had a 2-Tier piano with +/- octave changing. You know, just giving some suggestions...


It's really great. Totally worth getting! But how long are you going to just keep tapping the keys? Otherwise, two thumbs up!

Not that great

It's not a very good app. You can't really do anything on it. It only has one chord.


Best piano app you'll find


Cool app! I like the glissando option.

Best sound

To my ears this simple free piano looks and sounds better than all the fancy expensive ones. I wish it has a full keyboard that you could slide along with the black bar at the top so I could dump all my other piano apps that I paid all the money for.

Piano is fun!

It's could someone not like it? With my 3G the sound is very crisp. Only sugg is to add more keys at some point!

Its cool

Love it

Wonderful app

I downloaded this app and love it.

Get it

It's free. It's fun. So why not get it?

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